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DEP The Label aims to portray the inner beauty of everyone. Our designs are inspired by the colors of nature for women regardless the age, size or race. Our swimsuit will bring out the confidence and style for every individual differently. The style in our designs are made suitable to serve more than one occasion.

Besides the outlook, we prioritise our research and development in the comfort of the material as well. Each piece is hand-crafted from start to end by our two best tailors. This ensures that DEP remains unique, trendy, creative, also we are environmentally focused & quality is our differentiation and unique selling point.

Do note that supporting us directly will also mean creating employment and supporting livelihoods of people from the village.

Therefore we hope you will find something you love from our store, if not we are open to all the new ideas so you are welcome to share with us what you like and see what we can do.

Feel free to reach out to us regarding any questions!

Thank You and Much Love,
DEP Team x Jean


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